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  • Peony Flower Gift Set

    Sometimes all they need is a some me-time.
    • Comes packed in a gift box (No ribbon tie or Mother's Day card currently)

      1 x Peony Flower Soap (scented with Geranium + Lychee oils) 

      1 x Emulsified Sugar Scrub jar of your choice OR 1 x Room/Linen Spray of your choice

      Our soaps are handmade with natural ingredients including nourishing oils and butters, that gently cleanse without stripping. Suitable as a body soap for daily use on all skin types.

      Our scrubs are made in an emulsfying formulation from plant-based ingredients to exfoliate and create a velvety lotion that continues to hydrate and nourish your skin.

    • Dimensions
      Peony Flower Soap: ~85-90g
      Sugar Scrub: 200ml
      Room/Linen Spray: 50ml

      How to use
      Lather between hands and water or use a soap net for easy lathering. Apply generously to hands and body. Keep bar soap dry between uses to extend the life of your soap. Use a soap dish that drains, or hang up in a soap net.

      Rinse your body in shower. Scoop with a wooden spoon and apply desired amount to wet skin. Rub in small circular motions to scrub and buff your skin. Let it sit for awhile to moisturize your skin, then rinse.

      Apply around 15cm from surface/fabric. Do not spray directly on skin or face, as the higher concentration of essential oils may cause irritation on sensitive skin.

      How to store
      High/fluctuating humidity may cause the surface to sweat a little, this is normal and will not affect the soap. Simply wash or wipe away to remove.

      Due to the handmade nature of these products, slight colour, size, weight and pattern variations are to be expected.

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